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Free Tracts

You can buy these printed tracts from or you can download and print from your own computer free of charge. To print or view you need the free Adobe Reader which you can get here.

Government Schools, Parents & Kids - free tract

Unfortunately a major influence in the Body of Christ is the government school. God has called Christian parents to raise their children into the Christian worldview but 85% of kids from Christian homes go to the government schools where they learn humanism, socialism, paganism (the lifestyle of those who “refused to receive Christianity”; Webster 1828). This is a travesty! God’s people can never be what God wants the Church to be until we stop indoctrinating our children in the government schools. This tract reviews a possible conversation between a Christian parent whose kids have/are being trained in the government school and God. It is a call to Christian parents to make whatever changes need to be made to educate their children Christianly, a call to pastors to admonish their congregations to raise their kids Christianly in all aspects of life including education, and a call to the Christian community to do what it can to help their fellow Christians train the children God has given the Church into the Christian worldview. Sold in a pack of 20 full color tracts. This same tract is available free for download so you can print it on your own printer. Go to
 Print on letter size paper and fold twice.

Six Reasons Christian Parents Should Remove
Their Children From Public School

Among other things, this tract addresses such statements by many Christian parents: "Christian children are needed in the public schools as salt and light." It also asks and answers the question, can the public school teach true knowledge apart from the fear of the Lord?

I hope you will print this and give it to all your Christian friends and acquaintances who's children attend government school. This prints on letter size paper; cut once lengthwise; fold twice.

The Story of Christmas, the Babe from the Manger - free tract

The story of Jesus and why he came to earth. Jesus, God-Man, God-Incarnate. Born to die for your sins and mine. This is a great evangelistic tool.
Print on letter size paper, fold twice and cut.

Join the Great Rebellion - free tract

There is a Great Rebellion going on and you are already part of it unless...
Print on letter size paper, fold twice and cut.

From Blood to Joy - free tract

The bloody rites of the Old Testament have been transformed to bloodless.
Print on letter size paper, fold twice and cut.

There is Forgiveness for Abortion When... - free tract

Tract on abortion. Give this to anyone who has had an abortion, or been an accomplice to an abortion (abortion doctor, nurse, father that encouraged abortion, friend or relative who encouraged abortion).
Print on letter size paper, fold twice and cut.

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